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Spindleruv Mlyn is a quite interesting resort with a great variety of lodging possibilities and if one side parking near the main course is quite limited, there are other parking possibilities (free of charge) and quite inexpensive taxi service.

The finish area of the main course is below 800m and the organisers had to master a WCM with aprox

500 racers from 27 Nations in late March with plus temperatures at such low altitude.

The first day figured quite tight course setting for B and C (ok for A) and too short for C (43 sec for "C" SG) and, although there were sophisticated giant screens, there were no scoreboards where the Masters could check there times and Category standings. Both the course setting and the scoreboards were corrected for the following days (a special programming for Masters was also introduced for the giant screens).

Another challenge was organising the 3 FMC GS of the last day in a single quite narrow piste, but a bit lower temperatures helped the TD´s and the Organisers who did quite a good job, given the difficult circumstances.

All in all we had good races, very nice Gala Dinner, beautiful crystal medals and very nice large trophies for the winners of the Best Time of the Day in Cat A, B, C and D.

World Cup racer A. Bank was the forerunner of several races and local authorities were present to the prize giving ceremonies.

In the name of Mr Michal Karnik (OC President) and Mr Petr Seild (Su-Committee Member for CZE) I would like to thank all who worked so hard for this WCM 2016 and special thanks go to the TD´s Janka Gantnerova (SVK) and Olga Krizova (CZE).

Steffano Arnhold
Chairman of FIS subcommittee Masters